Longest Knotted Rope Chain - 5 Minutes

The following act as a guide to the specific considerations and undertakings, in addition to the general requirements, for any potential attempt on the longest knotted rope chain. They should be read and understood by all concerned – organisers, participants and witnesses – prior to the event.


1.   This record is based on the overall length of completed rope when knotted and not for the combined length of the individual pieces of rope used.  The number of individual pieces of rope used to make the chain should also be given.

2.   While the lengths of individual pieces of rope used in the attempt need not necessarily be uniform, no single piece of rope may be longer than one metre in length.

3.   Only one type and thickness of rope should be used in the attempt.  A very short sample of the rope selected for the attempt should be submitted with the claim.

4.   Lengths of rope should be joined one to another using a suitable knot, for example a sheep bend or a reef knot.  The knot chosen for the attempt is at the discretion of the competitors but all competitors in the attempt must use the same knot.  Any knots judged by the witnesses (see below) not to be up to standard or not of the type nominated have to be retied within the five-minute period, otherwise only the longer stretch of rope on one side of the faulty knot counts towards the attempt.

5.  There is no limit to the number of persons who may take part in the attempt.

 The name of the company, scouting body or person(s) making the item should be given, along with the date and place.