Thanks to all those individuals who contributed
time and talent to this fantastic event.
  Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Parents! Thank you!!
  Event Organizer John Conrad assisted by his brother Chris
  Centennial Wizard Safari Staff Tony Myers and Tony Lewis
  Event Sponsors Snyder's of Hanover
    Utz's Quality Foods, Inc
    Hanover Food Corporation
    Sheetz, Inc.
    Fire Starter Speaking and Consulting
    State Farm Insurance
  Head Judge keith Gillespie, Pennsylvania House of Representatives
  Timekeeper Katie Knaub, Director of Education
National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.
  Knot & Measuring Judges Gerry Moore (IGKT), Ed Rosinski, Petty Officer (NC1) Larry Harris, Major Preston
Brenchly and Sgt MJ Wagman, LCpl CE Viter and PFC EW Collier.
  Documentation Team  
  Media Representatives  
  York Daily Record Teresa McMinn
  Digital Clock Flying Fleet Sport Shoe Store
  Public Address Systems