"To tie a knot seems to be a simple thing, and yet
there are right ways and wrong ways of doing it,
and scouts ought to know the right way."

Scouting for Boys, 1915

There are seven knots featured in the Boy Scout Handbook...

Square Knot - this is a joining knot used to connect the ends of two pieces of rope or cord (of the same size). It is also the ideal knot for tying bandages.
Two Half Hitches - this hitch is used to anchor a line to pole or some other object.
Taut-line Hitch - this adjustable hitch is used to tighten guylines for tents and shelters.
Timber Hitch - this hitch is used as an achor and is typically tied to logs that are then dragged out of the forest.
Clove Hitch - this hitch is typiclaly used at the starting and ending point of a lashing.
Bowline - this is the classic, fixed anchor knot.
Sheet Bend - this knot is used to attach lines of two different diameters. I is also used to attach a line to the corner of a sheet (or tarp).